Hello nanosecond.
Leading the development of
ultra-low latency world.

We are building a low
latency infrastructure stack

The entire technology stack
is developed in-house

Creating infrastructure
for next-generation trading

About FidExx

Our main focus is developing and establishing proprietary infrastructure for our high frequency trading venues.

We are a part of technology division of the FIDUROCK group.
FIDUROCK is an investment boutique founded in 2014 with branches in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Within our Belgrade office, we are dedicated to developing new products in the financial technology sector.


We are growing fast and looking for exceptional people to join our team.
Enter the fold for a unique learning and work environment.

Apply by sending your CV to: careers@fidexx.io
Core Platform (C++/GO)
Looking for candidates with a desire to work on building real-time low latency software. Any experience with networking, reliability protocols and generic programming is considered a plus. Some of the technologies you will have the opportunity to learn here:
  • Reliable low latency protocols
  • Platform agnostic data serialization
  • Unit testing and micro benchmarking
  • Continuous integration
  • Peer code review
  • Bazel build system
  • Dockerized services
  • C++ specific:
    • ASIO (Networking TS)
    • Range-V3 (Ranges TS)
    • Concepts (Concepts TS)
    • {fmt} (Formatting TS)
    • LLFIO (low level file I/O library)
    • Clang Tidy
  • Go specific:
    • GoRoutines and GoChannels
    • Gorilla libraries for creating web services
    • GolangCI-Lint
  • Grafana and Prometheus for test data visualization
Frontend Developer
As a front end developer you will create fast, responsive UIs that process large amounts of real time data and present it to our customers and partners using the latest technologies. General:
  • Real time/performance oriented
  • Financial/trading interests/experience
  • React.js
    • React.Redux
    • Static type checking (TypeScript, Flow)
  • React.Hooks experience is a plus
  • Experience with low latency APIs (Websockets, GraphQL)
  • Experience with canvas drawing and/or D3.js is a plus
  • Experience with React.Native is a plus
  • Creating React UI components
    • Implementing component behavior
    • Writing component unit tests
  • Using React UI components to create a single page app
    • Responsive design using Flexbox
    • Writing automated tests
  • Implement data visualization components (charts)
Dev Ops
As a part of our dev ops team, you will be responsible for maintaining our production and test environments. Technical:
  • Experience with Docker ecosystem
    • Cloud deployment tools (Swarm, Kubernetes)
    • Registry and image management
  • Experience with using provisioning tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • Linux kernel optimization and setup
  • Networking
    • Low latency networking equipment
    • Switching technology
    • VPN
  • Maintaining production and staging environment
  • Bare metal machine configuration
  • Create provisioning tools
  • Configure and maintain office infrastructure
UI Designer
As a UI designer in our team you will drive the visual look and feel of all our products. Areas of expertise:
  • Having interest in financial markets and trading platforms
  • Dedicated for clean, clear, intuitive and efficient UI design
  • Build an interface inventory and library
  • Having UX experience is a plus


Fidurock IT Services DOO
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10a (YUBC)
11070 Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 2200 230

Registration number: 21410268
Tax ID: 110985787

Fidurock Amsterdam
Strawinskylaan 937
1077 XX Amsterdam

Fidurock Prague
Nekázanka 8,
110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika